Frequently Asked Questions

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About Alento

What is Alento?

How is Alento safety tested?

Alento and all of its component parts are quality and safety tested multiple times. First at harvest, second following extraction, and finally for finished product compliance. Alento publishes our recent testing data here. We encourage you to only buy cannabis products from manufacturers who make available all of their final product testing data and sell through appropriately licensed channels. We only use ingredients that come from reputable suppliers who provide testing data (certificates of analysis) on their products. This includes both cannabis and non-cannabis ingredients. Like all legal cannabis products in California, Alento must pass compliance testing before products can legally be released to licensed dispensaries. This testing assures that Alento is free of harmful pesticides and does not exceed healthy levels of metals or other potentially harmful substances.

Does Alento contain Allergens?

Alento does not contain gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts or soy.

Is Alento Vegetarian/Vegan?

Yes! Alento is vegetarian and vegan.

Is Alento Kosher or Halal?

Alento is not (yet) certified Kosher or Halal. Please contact us here if you have additional questions or feedback related to the ingredients in Alento or your need for Kosher or Halal certification.

Is Alento non-GMO?

Alento does not contain any GMO ingredients. However, like all cannabis products, we are not currently able to claim non-GMO (or organic) certification due to the current legal status of cannabis.

Does Alento contain Hemp or Cannabis?

Cannabis. We would love to have the option to use hemp-derived cannabinoids in our product, but the law in California (and most states) does not allow this. In California, all cannabinoids sold in licensed dispensaries must be derived from registered and tracked California Cannabis plants. Cannabis and Hemp are actually the same plant – so really this is only a legal distinction, but that’s another story…

How do I Use Alento?

How much and how often?

The goal is to find your minimum effective dose. If you are taking cannabis edibles for the first time we recommend you start with a single mint and wait 3-4 hours before taking another. After you have some experience with cannabis edibles you could take 1-2 mints every 3-4 hours for temporary relief of aches and pains. Above this dose you will likely feel more significant THC-induced euphoria, yet even high doses of THC are generally well tolerated. Different people react differently to different cannabinoids (and all active medicinal substances generally). We recommend that you “start low and go slow” to find your optimal dose for the outcome you seek.

How does Alento work?

Alento has been formulated to work through multiple overlapping “mechanisms of action” (MoAs). These MoAs relate to how the ECS regulates cellular function and “homeostasis” – maintaining the right balance for healthy cellular function. Specific ingredients interact with neuron signaling, inflammatory response, and other immune system functions. Many symptoms of pain and inflammation are a result of cells and related systems not having the right materials and environmental conditions needed to maintain homeostasis. Examples of this could include chronic inflammation or the uncontrolled nervous system signaling that can occur during migraines, chronic pain conditions, or during seizures. The non-cannabinoid ingredients in Alento were specifically selected based on research showing how these substances interact with the ECS and other systems that regulate how we perceive pain. Through CB1, CB2 and other cell receptors, the ECS has been shown to be involved in many different regulatory processes and systems. These include specific brain structures, the Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System, and gut barrier function.

Company Information

Where is Alento manufactured?

Our product is manufactured by Voyage Labs (see license information on our website). Our facility is located in downtown Los Angeles close to the flower market in a very “up and coming” neighborhood!

Who is behind the company?

Alento is proud to be a minority, women-owned business. We are 100% family owned and operated. Our founders and team have deep experience in developing natural and sustainable food, beverage and nutraceutical products. Alento is an extension of these products and we hope that one day soon you will be able to find Alento in any supermarket or convenience store where you purchase your health food or medicinal products. For more information on our company and mission, click here.

How do you support the communities and individuals impacted by the War on Drugs?

Normalization is central to our mission, with our advocacy focused on spreading knowledge about and expanding access to cannabis. By any objective measure the war on drugs has been (and continues to be) an unmitigated disaster. The origin of the war was racism and propaganda, and by design the negative repercussions fell disproportionately on poor and minority communities. Through giving, outreach and education, we both directly and indirectly support organizations such as NORML, MPP and the ACLU that are aligned with our mission. Alento also supports local homeless services in our downtown neighborhood and other advocacy organizations focused on expanding access and helping sensitive communities that have been most negatively impacted by the failed war.

Where can I find Alento?

Alento is currently available in select Los Angeles area dispensaries. See here for a listing.

How can I get more information?

Please send us a message or additional questions here. We love to hear your feedback and spread knowledge about cannabis!