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Alento Is Here!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues,

As many of you are aware, I’ve spent the last few years building Alento as a cannabis wellness company. We are now on the verge of having Alento widely available in California dispensaries. I can’t wait to give you the opportunity to benefit from my products.

My first product, focused on pain relief, will be available this summer in California. These “Alento Relief” Turmeric Ginger mints are a scientifically designed natural remedy that combines full-spectrum cannabis extract with other effective, natural ingredients. Alento Relief is formulated to feed your endocannabinoid system to optimize inflammatory, immune and pain sensory response.

My decision to start Alento fits with my personal and professional goals - to create a more sustainable and just society. Social stigma and misinformation have kept many people from accessing the wellness benefits of cannabis. Alento is committed to normalizing healthy cannabis use by offering effective, approachable and high-quality products. The war on drugs is, and has always been a travesty of justice. Initiated and maintained by elites and narrow interest groups, it has become a well-honed tool for control, repression and disenfranchisement of immigrants, minorities, artists and other such free thinkers. I believe we can see more clearly now than ever - our government “for the people” is not for all people.

My goal is for Alento to become a force that shapes the industry a decade from now. I want Alento to be central to the transformation of cannabis from marginal and stigmatized to main-stream, displacing alcohol and other harmful substances and behaviors. The concept for Alento originated by listening to people like you – using surveys and in-home interviews to understand how we relate to cannabis and what needs we seek to satisfy when using cannabis products. My team’s hard work is now coming to fruition - making available products that deliver on our needs.

We’re launching our social media campaign this week. Please support us by following Alento on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I also hope you will forward this to your family, friends and colleagues and bring the discussion about cannabis into the open where it belongs.

Thank you so much for your support,


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