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How Alento Works for You

Fast dissolving tablets provide you the relief you need for life's every day aches and pains. 

Ingredients with a Purpose

Alento’s unique products activate the endocannabinoid system using both cannabis and other natural active ingredients formulated to deliver relief of everyday aches and pains.


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Find Your Dose

Alento is formulated with a THC content of just 2.5mg. At this dose, the cognitive euphoria produced by THC should be nearly imperceptible. Additionally, the small size of each mint (250mg) enables you to customize frequency and quantity to find your minimum effective dose.

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The Endocannibinoid System

Alento delivers the relief you need through the interaction of multiple ingredients that boost Endocannabinoid System (ECS) response. The ECS plays a central role in modulating pain, inflammation, and other neural and immune system responses.

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